It’s hard to see all the blessings you’ve got,

When depression fazes you.

Those times I wonder where He goes.

Does He get too busy?

Does He file my prayers for later?


Because honestly,

We only honestly connect…

Only when there is honesty.

When I’m pretending to be,

He also isn’t there.


Funny thing is,

I know I can survive this madness.

Depending on anyone or anything is addiction.

And when that drug isn’t there to satisfy your decisions,

You fall apart in seasons.


I can’t let myself get to winter,

That’s when you become cold,

Your heart mind soul and body becomes,


You don’t give a fuck.

You don’t give to God,

You don’t give to people,

You don’t give to yourself.

You forget yourself,

You forget people,

You forget God.

You become old.





Author: legitsociety

Growing, learning, understading.

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