Today I let my tears flow, I let them go

I let the hurt through, just because I want to


Some ones I trusted

Are the ones that haven’t lasted

This is how the story goes

You love you want love

All of you

And you and you

And I and I and I

Think I gave more than enough to

Even when I never felt enough from

Too many

Am not sad over nothings

Am angry because of some things

And you

And you

And you

I wish there were other beings

I had grown to focus on

But why do I blame me

You are that type of species

And you’ve proved you can’t be

Better than this


But today

I feel rage more than I have

More than I hear

The ringing in my ear

So much time spent on vanity things

I see how you throw away all we did

You say you don’t understand me


But twice thrice

More than four times

I have taken time to study your chimes

When your melodies didn’t make sense

I  listened to your rhymes …

The things we do for family

Because blood runs deeper than other things

But is that it?

That must be it.

That is it!


I won’t come back to you

I won’t walk back for you

My heart has ran dry of care for you

Am bitter too

So much time I’ve wasted to think as much as I do

All because of you

I burn with fucking beautiful colors

Flames like feathers

Angered by your nature

I choke on cheap glitter and smoke

You’ve been lighting the floor

Walking back and forth

Waiting for me to thaw

But oh darling, no

I don’t fall

I just walk out the door

And draw a line

I align

I refine

Don’t ask me the night you come across my light

Just look up at the stars’


That’s how far I move aside


Photographer: Kevin Macharia.

Art on: Brian Mureithi.


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