I  think you would have loved these yellow lights .




Laugh in my mind when I need it,

Love in my life when I feel it,

Whisper in my heart when he speaks it and means it,

And because  you taught me how to love without a rewinding grandmother…




She taught me how to smile with my spirit,

She said I could light up the night’s sky and,

She told me to fly and,

She cared for,

Carried me with her every breathing.




And where do I pay for this love ?


How far is the heaven up here ?

‘Think about it, there must be a higher love. Down in the heart and in the stars above. Without  it, life is wasted time.’ _James Vincent McMorrow.

But I, I hope you can see how strong I have become and how strong I am becoming.

I am a big girl now, big girls smile with their spirits.

I hear yours in mine.




The birds miss your voice.

The whispers too, mama they were a tune …

Photographer: Lenny Lenya.


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