The child form of a woman.

I don’t understand you master,

I don’t understand you !

You look like you just saw a blue moon, I only touched you.

You are so pale,

so pale…

You dried eyes are looking at me,

I can hear your thoughts talk.


Brenda-26 (1)


‘You are a missing piece.

You are missing peace.

There is no missing piece here.’


It’s loud and its clear.


There’s so much we do with fear.

There’s too much we do with fear.


And to think I finally found the strength to live in it.


“How to break a girl down; pick up her shuddered pieces and toss them around then leave them to drown.”

Darling, the deep-sea on your lips is salty.

The air is humid and your heart is full of fury.

Let it flow. Let it go.


To not drown in despair when you are left to drown in the fear of 

never ever being able to grow back into being 

as firm as you were.

You are always as strong as you can be. 



Dear broken pieces of self you reflect beautiful colors when you show yourself you’ve given birth to a woman be proud of yourself.



You are grown. Grow whole.

And do not cloud back.

The sun shines for the child form of a woman you are,

to raise.

Rise !


Art with Lenny Lenya.


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