you’ve taught me that pain is endurable and that love is measurable but lack of it is indescribable why do you then say i don’t deserve what i give in mine. life. how could time be so kind to me when i have not suffered like you have been through it? what do you feel when your body is turning cold other than numbness when your heart does not want your soul when your mind does not want your cold? you are not as bold as they have been shown. you are a media reflection of the person you want to become.


i left silver and, blue petals with my steps next to where you were, growing a garden in the middle of an ocean of stars, you were smiling as wide as my thoughts of you and i have been riding, residing inside your mind, dancing every other night the sun hides when the moon, like the blue on your lips in my thighs, lies, quietly floating in this ocean of you and i


but darling let me ask,

has your past defined you or has it grown you? will your future be defined by you or will it find you?

in the beginning of this year we received cards and roses. and i took a bunch and kept bloom in my room. and every time i remembered to take care of my Self. i would remember to take care of the roses. some days i watched the flowers fade color. some days i found them faded. one day i found them all dead. that day i asked myself to live. from the inside out. to take care of my Self unlike i had the roses.


you sit down with a boy and you bond over and you talk about joy, you tell how your heart has been overtoyed. you trust that kind of joy. you destroy

you are still working on the parts you let be toyed you haven’t destroyed.but you don’t cry on the night in. still, you don’t fight when the heart-strings sing. still, you let it out and take it out in a poem. you feel.

IMG_1993 (1)

to not be honest with yourself when you are a creative is one of the worst things you can do to yourself because after you are done you cannot really relate with your craft. you can never be completely satisfied. it becomes as if someone else told the story and you published took the picture you edited wrote the words you sang filtered the make up you applied acted out the life you lived.


Photographer: Waceke.b

Model: Grace Wanja


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