#fbrs 2017.


Wasuh Legit Society!!

Have you ever got this deep sense of motivation for a while after reading through some of them pintrest quotes and felt like the world is yours to conquer??  But let’s be honest here ,after a day, a week or two,that pin effect sort of wears off and you never actually go out and do what you had set your heart out for… Well people, that was not me this past weekend. You know that quote that goes, ‘Success just doesn’t come  and find you, you go out and get it’ …I decided to be all about that. Isn’t it time though, I put my excuses on excuses aside and stop sleeping on my wild wild thoughts, I mean my ideas and all… Randomly scrolling through Instagram one  night last week, I coincidentally came across…



It was that question that got me to Privee Westlands on 30th September afternoon with my girl Chomba. After typical parking struggles we finally got to the venue and isn’t that restaurant lovely. ‘Breath ! Take it in. Take it in. Take it all in’. Beautiful people, stunning clothes, aesthetic layout, drinks by the bar, models and bloggers and designers and hello fashion people! My goodness. I mean, it was simply too much.


A friend and fellow blogger Tony Ngige, was also showcasing his styling capabilities in the show and his collection was just divine. (check out his blog http://www.kingslimfit.com). I was on cloud 9 with my camera trying to capture the art walking back and forth in front of me. Every blogger had their own unique style and you could see their personalities radiate in their collections.

just, TAKE ME BACK. It was an amazing experience.

Here are my favorites from the collections…

Didn’t i just blow your mind ?

Keep calm and stay legit society! 🙂 













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































get Better.

I’ve been on the low

I been taking my time

I feel like I’m out of my mind

It feel like my life aint mine


An afternoon, a kileton matatu, back row, middle seat. It was hella sunny outside and crazy hot inside. I didn’t have my earphones that day and so, I started contemplating my life. ‘Aki these matatus yawaaah…kwani?…’

That’s when I noticed her. I mean, I noticed her hand gripping her loose-fitting ripped jean. The other hand clenched tightly to the point where there was a slight shake to it. She seemed in her twenties. ’eh…okay…mind your own business Waceke…’

But I still tilted my head upwards. Long black braids. She was looking outside at first, then she turned and our worlds met.

…eye to ocean.

There I had been, seriously grumbling about matatus and life but she…

She had been quietly crying all the while. I mean, I was more than shocked. Too surprised to even speak to her, to ask … but again, should I have asked? Was it in my place to? I still feel like I should have…

And so we sat there in the kileton in silence…all the way to town, her hand still so clenched. She alighted before me…


Pain don’t hurt the same

The lane I travel feels alone

But I’m moving till my legs give out

I don’t want to cry anymore

Hello Legit Society,

‘I’ve just been really low for a while now and…’

How many of us can find such words when going through the most and give somebody. Tell a friend. Tell a parent. Tell an aunt or uncle to help you figure out what’s happening. Even after all this awareness that a mental concern can get real and be an illness, we still want to figure it out by ourselves. It’s never that serious until the ocean floods. Until you are banging your head against a wall or throwing everything on the floor. It’s never that serious until they start asking why you’ve not been eating right, until the anxiety has you failing. Until they start asking what caused those marks on your wrists. It’s never that serious right.


If mental illness occurs only in countries abroad, why are there people committing suicide in our own neighborhoods? It seems easier to stay private and simpler to be ignorant or to ‘mind our own businesses’ about this… classifying someone as ‘messed up’ until the damage is done. But isn’t it like sitting down and waiting on a regret?

I’ve been praying for someone to save me

No one’s heroic

I’m hurting deep down but can’t show it


A million circumstances could have been the cause of the woman’s solemn state. She may never know she left me thinking about all these and more but I hope she is better.

How many friends and relatives, people we don’t know less advantaged are not able to reach such information though? It’s said… “Minorities suffer more from mental illness such as depression due to economic and cultural disadvantages however, cultural stigma regarding counseling and medication prevents many ethnic minority individuals from seeking mental health treatment. “


What’s on your mind?

They say every life is precious but nobody care about mine.

I can’t fit the shoes of someone going through something at the moment. All our lives and experiences are different and so are our privations. But society, let’s not take for granted the opportunity we’ve been given to know all we have known. It can be that serious so don’t let it. Calm yourself and figure out how to get better.

Find somebody to show you better.

Some signs and symptoms of mental illness include prolonged depression, excessive worries, social withdrawal, poor sleeping and eating habits, delusions, hallucinations, numerous unexplained physical ailments, feelings of extreme highs and lows, suicidal thoughts… and for all these age is just but a number #staywoke.


Heal where you need to. Take your time society but make sure you get Better.



model: the beautiful Juliet Mang’ira.

The skin underneath bones.

black stars

look like they are shinning in your eyes

how far

do you get with your disguise

you are

a version of your lies

a person only inside

it is not alright

to feel like you might

not be right

doing to yourself inside

but you do not let me see the skin underneath your bones

child when you are hurting

I cant see the pain with-in your soul

not like the black in the mirrors of your eyes

I will paint myself with glitter for you

don’t you know

there are hearts I will give and leave for you

so give me that and this

your hand and let me feel

the skin underneath your bones


Roses Tiëd With Threads.

you are gone but I could still,

write pages, write chapters

I could write books about you.

all of them filled,

page by page with,

the art we made,

the poetry we created.


you are gone but I still pass by the perfume store ,

to race my heart beat,

Just a little.

paint my pale chicks just a little,

rosy red.

Roses tied with threads…

Tied like memories in my head.




Hello Legit Society !

Its been a while family but we are back !☄

I have been writing less, haven’t I? But I want to work on that. What are you working on?

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So, on this MIA period of mine, I spent some time with a friend who I have come to learn so much from. Her experience has elevated her to be such a strong beautiful person inside out and she is not afraid to share. She speaks and writes about self-love on levels I realized many guys were relating to… and so I asked her if she could spread some love to this society.

This is what she had to say….

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It is only when you have truly mastered the art of loving yourself that you can love others. ~Robin S. Sharma

Then what is self-love? I believe self-love is listening to yourself; taking time off for yourself for some self discovery; having honest conversations with yourself; continuously working to better yourself; doing your best to be in line with the actual person you want to be in this life.

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Remember the dreams we had when we were five years old, well it is thirteen or so years later… this is the time to actually set out and achieve them. There isn’t another. You best believe that doing that will take changes. It will require you to cut of so many old habits and people who are not helping your growth process. This may be the hardest part because staying in the normalcy is much easier than breaking away and being an individual. Trust me though, normalcy is not the most beneficial. Some times the universe will push you out of your comfort zone: take this as a positive sign showing you that is not your niche in this world. If you take yourself on as a project, you will always appreciate the experiences that shape you. And in the process you will love yourself.

You alone can be the best version of yourself.

You are an artist at living your work of art is your life. ~Suzuki.

-Tirok Ivy

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Isn’t being you already a blessing. I mean, you are one in more than a billion, literally. There were days , on my wild thoughts after watching Vampire Diaries I would imagine that maybe, just maybe, I do have a doppelgänger and maybe one day we might meet and …you know , background action music and all that ☈ rah! pah!! stuff ..but you all know there’s only one type of you, uniquely created. So legit society , respect and love that person who you is continuously.👣


Photogrpher: Shitanda

Models: Tirok Ivy, Waceke.b


I feel I’m sorry.
I know with you I could have drawn a map and told a story…
Aren’t you making me want you?
Tell me that you are faking the fade,
I’m not losing you, nothing’s changed.
It’s grown me so much to love you,
And I’ve learnt much more than I told you.
Please tell me that I still got you,
I didn’t come in when you were through.

I’ve been distancing,
From so much.
And you are distancing ?
From me ?
Give me a happy pill…
Or rewind me to the happy feels.
Choices change people.
I text different,
I saw.
Thoughts away !
I just want you to stay
Stick around me even when I go insane.

Wasuh Legit society,


You ever watch a movie so good it leaves you in this intense mood for about an hour or day where you feel like your whole life is a movie and you are that main character that’s got the happiest ending? You ever get that?? Some weird surge of positive energy…Ama it’s just me…mhh

So I watched this movie eh? Right now I feel like the most inspired human on earth.

This is what I got from it …

Real deep stuff!


“It takes real courage to uncover yourself. To glance back with affection

And appreciation of what has been. Once you were going to set the world on fire, bring the stars closer, remember? Today we all have our fair share of cinders along with the memory of few bright sparks to show for our effort.

We have buried hope under layers of endless excuses, bitter failures, unexpected circumstances, good intentions, wrong choices, naiveté, bad timing, disappointments, rejection, and stupid mistakes __God! You can only be so human. And man is to error right? How far have your errors taken you?

It’s no wonder you need boldness to retrace yourself. But in the process make peace with the knowledge that you can’t sleep and wake up with gold running in your veins.

Ala!? It just doesn’t work like that.

Be kind to yourself. Respect the process. Allow the process. There is a glow in you. That glow in you, tenderly find it. ’”