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I am

Genuinely Honestly Tired

Tired of apologizing

I am exhausted

All of me

And I can’t be sad and sorry

I can’t be sorry for being anymore

Take A Kindness for weakness

Then take An apologetic heart as weakness

Why have you assumed it’s a cheap cheap heart?

You can’t buy an apologetic heart

I am 2k17

I am drained for being

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what i feel like. i feel like if you point out your mistakes, they become your flaws. i promise you i was given no manual for life and life choices in the beginning _and if you didn’t share the manual: how to live right in 2k17. why do you bend my heart apologetic 2k17.


All these emotions will fight you,

All these emotions will slave you,

But all these emotions will never lie to you,

All these emotions will guide you.

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am sorry that my skin is brown and my blood a shed of red.

am sorry that when i speak i only talk about my daily bread.

am sorry that i milk words from my heart and feed you.

i need you

to understand. understand  am growing and these lessons are allowing. me. to express myself.

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what i feel like. i feel like you look an extremist on these good days. do you think they are numbered? maybe one more millionth reason to lose it in the moment. damn it 2k17. alright. i need to keep you asleep the rest of your nights. quiet your silence, i need to hear myself decide.

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I am apologizing and apologizing for what I do not like,

What I do not want,

What I cannot do and,

Who I have not become.

I am apologizing because I do not like what you like,

I do not want exactly what you want,

I cannot do what you can do and,

I have not become who you want me to be.

I am forgetting what I love,

I am forgetting what it is that I want,

I am forgetting what I have the ability to do and,

I am forgetting who I want to be.

“I’m afraid you’re under the impression that I was made to please you.

I was under the impression you understood me better.”

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Hello Legit Society !

Its been a while family but we are back !☄

I have been writing less, haven’t I? But I want to work on that. What are you working on?

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So, on this MIA period of mine, I spent some time with a friend who I have come to learn so much from. Her experience has elevated her to be such a strong beautiful person inside out and she is not afraid to share. She speaks and writes about self-love on levels I realized many guys were relating to… and so I asked her if she could spread some love to this society.

This is what she had to say….

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It is only when you have truly mastered the art of loving yourself that you can love others. ~Robin S. Sharma

Then what is self-love? I believe self-love is listening to yourself; taking time off for yourself for some self discovery; having honest conversations with yourself; continuously working to better yourself; doing your best to be in line with the actual person you want to be in this life.

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Remember the dreams we had when we were five years old, well it is thirteen or so years later… this is the time to actually set out and achieve them. There isn’t another. You best believe that doing that will take changes. It will require you to cut of so many old habits and people who are not helping your growth process. This may be the hardest part because staying in the normalcy is much easier than breaking away and being an individual. Trust me though, normalcy is not the most beneficial. Some times the universe will push you out of your comfort zone: take this as a positive sign showing you that is not your niche in this world. If you take yourself on as a project, you will always appreciate the experiences that shape you. And in the process you will love yourself.

You alone can be the best version of yourself.

You are an artist at living your work of art is your life. ~Suzuki.

-Tirok Ivy

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Isn’t being you already a blessing. I mean, you are one in more than a billion, literally. There were days , on my wild thoughts after watching Vampire Diaries I would imagine that maybe, just maybe, I do have a doppelgänger and maybe one day we might meet and …you know , background action music and all that ☈ rah! pah!! stuff ..but you all know there’s only one type of you, uniquely created. So legit society , respect and love that person who you is continuously.👣


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Wasuh Legit society,


You ever watch a movie so good it leaves you in this intense mood for about an hour or day where you feel like your whole life is a movie and you are that main character that’s got the happiest ending? You ever get that?? Some weird surge of positive energy…Ama it’s just me…mhh

So I watched this movie eh? Right now I feel like the most inspired human on earth.

This is what I got from it …

Real deep stuff!


“It takes real courage to uncover yourself. To glance back with affection

And appreciation of what has been. Once you were going to set the world on fire, bring the stars closer, remember? Today we all have our fair share of cinders along with the memory of few bright sparks to show for our effort.

We have buried hope under layers of endless excuses, bitter failures, unexpected circumstances, good intentions, wrong choices, naiveté, bad timing, disappointments, rejection, and stupid mistakes __God! You can only be so human. And man is to error right? How far have your errors taken you?

It’s no wonder you need boldness to retrace yourself. But in the process make peace with the knowledge that you can’t sleep and wake up with gold running in your veins.

Ala!? It just doesn’t work like that.

Be kind to yourself. Respect the process. Allow the process. There is a glow in you. That glow in you, tenderly find it. ’”