It’s hard to see all the blessings you’ve got,

When depression fazes you.

Those times I wonder where He goes.

Does He get too busy?

Does He file my prayers for later?


Because honestly,

We only honestly connect…

Only when there is honesty.

When I’m pretending to be,

He also isn’t there.


Funny thing is,

I know I can survive this madness.

Depending on anyone or anything is addiction.

And when that drug isn’t there to satisfy your decisions,

You fall apart in seasons.


I can’t let myself get to winter,

That’s when you become cold,

Your heart mind soul and body becomes,


You don’t give a fuck.

You don’t give to God,

You don’t give to people,

You don’t give to yourself.

You forget yourself,

You forget people,

You forget God.

You become old.




Gahd, don’t you look Legit!

You doooo!!


Don’t you think legit too?

Agree with me and let’s prove someone some thoughts are better written than spoken. There is something sound about written thoughts …something honest about them. Something you can’t take back from them 🙂 . My lawd! I sound poetic as f888. Ops! I forgot to press shift there. Or I should just spell out the whole word now …it’s probably in the dictionary by now. I rap too, but in my head, I spit  __by spit I mean bars and not spittle :/ (just in case anyone’s wondering).Blegh!!  How are you still not laughing right now. Lets take a moment and just LAUGH IN LOUD. Five seconds max .That tiny voice inside your head telling you what I wrote …laugh with it. Because why not!


So, what I’ve learnt today is that you have to kick your own ass.

Be your best critic .Be your own teacher. Be your own coach.


Only you know yourself best.


But most importantly only you know yourself a hundred percent to push yourself right enough 🙂 . Also I learnt,

People have their own lives to live.

Their own shit to deal with. And you. You have your own shit to deal with and that’s the shit you should be dealing with.

You can’t sit and wait for someone else to come and deal with your issues 😦 .  They will not deal with them to the level that you expect them dealt with.

 Because… They are not theirs.

They are yours.

You know them best.



Deal with them and rest.

Kanye yourself.