I feel I’m sorry.
I know with you I could have drawn a map and told a story…
Aren’t you making me want you?
Tell me that you are faking the fade,
I’m not losing you, nothing’s changed.
It’s grown me so much to love you,
And I’ve learnt much more than I told you.
Please tell me that I still got you,
I didn’t come in when you were through.

I’ve been distancing,
From so much.
And you are distancing ?
From me ?
Give me a happy pill…
Or rewind me to the happy feels.
Choices change people.
I text different,
I saw.
Thoughts away !
I just want you to sTay

Stick around me even when I go inSaNe.


Wasuh Legit society,


You ever watch a movie so good it leaves you in this intense mood for about an hour or day where you feel like your whole life is a movie and you are that main character that’s got the happiest ending? You ever get that?? Some weird surge of positive energy…Ama it’s just me…mhh

So I watched this movie eh? Right now I feel like the most inspired human on earth.

This is what I got from it …

Real deep stuff!


“It takes real courage to uncover yourself. To glance back with affection

And appreciation of what has been. Once you were going to set the world on fire, bring the stars closer, remember? Today we all have our fair share of cinders along with the memory of few bright sparks to show for our effort.

We have buried hope under layers of endless excuses, bitter failures, unexpected circumstances, good intentions, wrong choices, naiveté, bad timing, disappointments, rejection, and stupid mistakes __God! You can only be so human. And man is to error right? How far have your errors taken you?

It’s no wonder you need boldness to retrace yourself. But in the process make peace with the knowledge that you can’t sleep and wake up as Mark Zuckerberg or Lupita Nyong’o or Michael Kors or Nyashinski or Jennifer Lawrence or Julius Yego or Pablo Picasso…

Ala!? It just doesn’t work like that.

Be kind to yourself. Respect the process. There is a glow within that never flickers. Tenderly find it. Find dat peng’”





I asked a friend today what is his view on a relation right now. The kind where we group in love.

The grow in love,

The be in love,

The fall in love.

This is what I understood…

Look at us creating a bubble.

And doesn’t it look amazing while it’s growing.0538be705e583017cbf36707a6195f7e

They start from a surface themselves, we start from each other. And that surface joins together to create a space we find each other in, we create space for each other. We create a relation. That space is that relation.

We blow in it so carefully. So damn carefully.

And so it grows.


Now, the bubble does something to this space.

It sort of delicately secures it.

It secures you. You secure each other. Mentally, emotionally…you find comfort yes? In each other.

This bubble narrows your exposure down to that space.

“That one person.”

 You give some confidence to that.


There is this thing about bubbles.

You only find out after you’ve touched this bubble… or after it’s been touched or has touched.


No one’s  ever bursted a bubble from inside. You must be outside the space, the relation, to burst it. Everything else that isn’t either of you inside that space is usually not able touch, or prick your bubble.

But also, this can happen…

The pressure within can refuse to be contained inside your bubble.


Mhhh…but here we are still



And becoming.


Thing is,

bubbles are beautiful.

I bet you’ve seen that rainbow thing they form in the sun yah?



We have to understand them and accept how delicate they are. We have to be poised enough to take the burst when it happens if it does happen. You can’t just look at a bubble and predict the exact millisecond it will burst can you? At least remember, when it does, it doesn’t burst out into a vacuum .



Dear legit society, be ready to inhale that air.

I mean it’s always been there doing what air does, your life as an individual being has and will always be there

You just took a moment focusing on a specific space, a relation and that’s fine, that’s allowed.

To be in a bubble.

It’s allowed.


Why did the bubble cross the road tho?

No. Seriously

Its pop was waiting on the other side

*insert saltguy emoji




It’s hard to see all the blessings you’ve got,

When depression fazes you.

Those times I wonder where He goes.

Does He get too busy?

Does He file my prayers for later?


Because honestly,

We only honestly connect…

Only when there is honesty.

When I’m pretending to be,

He also isn’t there.


Funny thing is,

I know I can survive this madness.

Depending on anyone or anything is addiction.

And when that drug isn’t there to satisfy your decisions,

You fall apart in seasons.


I can’t let myself get to winter,

That’s when you become cold,

Your heart mind soul and body becomes,


You don’t give a fuck.

You don’t give to God,

You don’t give to people,

You don’t give to yourself.

You forget yourself,

You forget people,

You forget God.

You become old.




Gahd, don’t you look Legit!

You doooo!!


Don’t you think legit too?

Agree with me and let’s prove someone some thoughts are better written than spoken. There is something sound about written thoughts …something honest about them. Something you can’t take back from them 🙂 . My lawd! I sound poetic as f888. Ops! I forgot to press shift there. Or I should just spell out the whole word now …it’s probably in the dictionary by now. I rap too, but in my head, I spit  __by spit I mean bars and not spittle :/ (just in case anyone’s wondering).Blegh!!  How are you still not laughing right now. Lets take a moment and just LAUGH IN LOUD. Five seconds max .That tiny voice inside your head telling you what I wrote …laugh with it. Because why not!


So, what I’ve learnt today is that you have to kick your own ass.

Be your best critic .Be your own teacher. Be your own coach.


Only you know yourself best.


But most importantly only you know yourself a hundred percent to push yourself right enough 🙂 . Also I learnt,

People have their own lives to live.

Their own shit to deal with. And you. You have your own shit to deal with and that’s the shit you should be dealing with.

You can’t sit and wait for someone else to come and deal with your issues 😦 .  They will not deal with them to the level that you expect them dealt with.

 Because… They are not theirs.

They are yours.

You know them best.



Deal with them and rest.

Kanye yourself.